Sunday, June 28, 2009 exclusive interview - Brian Sell

This man needs no introduction.

He´s the "Peoples-Runner" - Brian Sell! Hard fact’s - Road & Track PB's
Brian Sell:

1.500 - 3:59
5.000 - 13:57
10.000 -28:36

5 k - 14:26
5 Miles- 22:58
10 k - 28:28
10 Miles - 47:46
Half Marathon - 1:02:35
Marathon -2:10:47 Where are you currently based?
Brian Sell: Rochester, MI USA What kind of races are you planning to do this summer?
Brian Sell: Peachtree (Atlanta) 10k, Bix(Davenport) 7 mile Are you up for a beer in Berlin? World Champs anyone?
Brian Sell: I am not running worlds What are your long term goals?
Brian Sell: New York Marathon (mzungo adds: on the 01.11.2009 - Brian is racing the US Champs!) What's your daily training at home like?
Brian Sell: I wake up at 6am, out the door at 7am. Easy days are usually 12-14 in the morning, 4-8 in the evening. Speed work is about 5 miles of repeats at 4:35-4:40, tempo work is about 10 miles of repeats at 4:50. How often are you training with the Hansons group? Are you doing lots of stuff on your own?
Brian Sell: I run with the team at least once a day. Second runs are generally on my own. What’s your favorite workout?
Brian Sell: 2 x 6 mile at 5-10 seconds faster than marathon goal pace. What's your favorite track workout?
Brian Sell: 5 x mile at 4:40 Are you doing any running drills?
Brian Sell: no Are you doing any crosstraining?
Brian Sell: push ups and sit ups Is stretching important to you?
Brian Sell: It should be more important, but I don't do enough. What does a typical marathon prep week look like for you, say 5 to 6 weeks out from the race?
Brian Sell: 2 days easy (14 and 8), then a tempo workout (example: 3x3 mile at 4:50 pace), 2 days easy, then a 22 mile run with miles 18-20 at sub five, two days easy, then a track workout (example 8x800 at 4:40 pace), two days easy, repeat. What does your taper week look like?
Brian Sell: About 70-90 miles easy with a final workout of 3 x 2 mile at marathon pace. How are your easy runs compared to your marathon pace?
Brian Sell: Marathon pace is 5:00, easy runs are about 6:00-6:30 How long is your longest run?
Brian Sell: 22-24 usually 2 hours and 20 minutes. What’s your pace at that, say 4 weeks out of the marathon?
Brian Sell: 6:30-7:00 pace Do you do a lot of marathon pace workouts?
Brian Sell: no, more at about ten seconds faster than pace. Which is your favorite race?
Brian Sell: Anything in New York, the 8k, the Marathon, the Trials, etc. Are you running Boston again?
Brian Sell: doubtful Which races are on your lifetime to-do-list?
Brian Sell: I have hit them all but New York When the going gets tough in a race, what’s your mental strategy?
Brian Sell: Hang on for five minutes and hope it gets better. If you wouldn't be a pro runner, would you still run? Do you intend to continue after racing pro?
Brian Sell: Yes, I would and I plan to run 5-10 miles a day for as long as I can, just so I can eat dessert. What are you doing beside running?
Brian Sell: flying, riding motorcycles, maintaining my house. Still working with Home Depot?
Brian Sell: no, I am back at the Hansons Hows the family?
Brian Sell: Good, we have a son on the way in October Did your dog learn any new tricks?
Brian Sell: The dog is sort of neglected, he still gets his walks and food, but he is second (soon to be third) banana to the kids now. Toughest guy to train with?
Brian Sell: Clint Verran What was your favourite Olympic Experience?
Brian Sell: Rooming with D-Nasty Ritzenhein Running London 2012?
Brian Sell: no Best Road Runner at the moment?
Brian Sell: (mzungo adds: Deriba) Merga Any running hero / role model?
Brian Sell: My parents and extended family have been my role models. Any sporting heroes beside running?
Brian Sell: Stone Cold Steve Austin our favourite running shoe and why?
Brian Sell: Brooks Adrenaline 9. It works well for me, no injuries. Any holidays planned after this season?
Brian Sell: not until after New York (mzungo adds: Marathon). What was your "break through" performance?
Brian Sell: Probably the Helsinki World Championships in 2005. I was able to run with the best in the world that day. (mzungo adds: Brian ran a 2:13:27 in Helsinki) Favourite Internet Site?
Brian Sell: Any interest in the "typical" US Sports?
Brian Sell: Most of them. I like going to baseball games for the atmosphere, watching football and hockey (when the Penguins and Steelers are in it) Do you support a team?
Brian Sell: Pittsburgh teams, and Penn State What do you think about triathlon?
Brian Sell: I love it, except the swimming. Favorite place to life?
Brian Sell: Woodbury, PA says: Thanks to Brian for taking the time and answering all questions.

We are looking forward to NYC! All the best for the preperation!

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