Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Roll: Scott Bauhs

While most of you are in the midst of the early outdoor season I am contemplating taking on the Grand Daddy of all Cross-Country races. Next week I will be off to Poland and I hope to muster all of the training that I have done since November into my legs and out on the course in Bydgoszcz. Bydgoszcz is pronounced something like 'Bidgosht' for what it is worth although I have a feeling it will hardly be relevant after the 28th of March.

According to the wonderful Artur Kern, a grad of Harding University and Polish National, Poland has had more snow this year than any other year of his Father's memory. Recently, however this snow has begun to melt and seep into the ground of which I will be running. That combined with the rain that seems to be a daily occurrence has created less than stable footing for the world’s best to experience. 12 kilometers of Cross-Country running is cruel enough as it is, having your feet sink in 6 inches every step is sure to make it all the more awful.

But... Cross-Country is supposed to be awful and I hope to embrace every minute of it. The World Cross-Country Championships are the biggest test of strength out there and I hope that the race makes the tracks at Mt. Sac, Stanford and beyond feel like I'm running down the moving walkway in an airport. I also hope that the East Africans find that they are sinking into the mud as well because I'd love to beat as many of them as possible. I have an amazing opportunity next weekend to try to beat some of the best runners in the world and I plan to make the most of it. I want to be aggressive and try not to back down from anyone. I know I might die out there and come back to the USA with my tail between my legs but I know that if I do, is still have the track season to redeem myself.

Scott blogs @ our friend's Flotrack