Tuesday, March 23, 2010

mzungo.org exclusive interview - Nicholas Arciniaga

Without a doubt he is one of Americas Top Marathon Runners! Placed in the Top 10 in Boston and New York in impressive style and just showed his good form at the NYC Half.

Still stoked from his race at last years NYC Marathon we catched up with 26 year old Nick Arciniaga to get some questions out the way.

mzungo.org: How did last years NYC marathon change your perspective on your abilities?
Nicholas Arciniaga: First it confirmed my thoughts that I am capable of running a fast marathon. Running a 2:13 at New York makes me believe that I can run a 2:10 or better on a faster course.

What did you learn from that race?

I learned how to race under control and set my own pace, regardless of whether I was running minutes behind the leaders, or in front of the chase pack. I learned how to stay in tune with my body for the entire marathon.

Did you train on the course beforehand?

Brian Sell and I came out to New York to preview the course a month beforehand. We ran two long runs over the entire course.

What would could you have done even better? Did you make a mistake during the race? Would you change your tactic for this year?

The only thing I could have done better would be to run a little bit harder during the early stages of the race. Had I gone out a little bit faster, who knows maybe I would have done better overall.
Looking back I don't think I made a mistake. The race played out like I planned, and I ran a 2 1/2 minute personal best, so no I don't think I made a mistake.
If I were to race it again this year I would plan to go out with the leaders and try to race with them as long as I possibly could.

What do you think about the trials being in Houston? Does this make running an early fall marathon impossible? If so, what are the financial consequences for you?

I like that Houston is going to host the next trials, the type of course will be similar to that in London, so the best American marathoners will be selected there with out a doubt. As far as an early fall marathon, for me I would be able to do one if I chose to. I tend to recover from my marathons quickly, so I wouldn't be worried about it.

We heard that you switched to Adidas gear. What shoes are you running in? Thoughts?

I'm running in the Adidas Supernova Glides, and racing in the Adistar Pros. Both shoes feel pretty good, no problems with them yet.

What's the plan for this season? What is the goal race?

This year I plan to run a fall marathon. Whichever one I choose, I plan on running a few races leading up to the marathon, but I haven't decided which ones I'm going to do yet.

What's your favourite workout and why?

I prefer tempo runs, the longer the better. These just feel so easy and smooth for me. They give me a ton of confidence going into my races. I also plan on taking my girlfriend to all of my races because she makes me sooo happy. It's love!

How much can you bench?

I have no idea. I haven't done a bench press in about 5 years. Maybe 130-140 max?

How do you like stretching?

Stretching feels good, but I hardly ever do it. After running for hours at a time I just feel too lazy to stretch. When I do stretch though, it's mostly my calves, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors. And anything I can do while sitting down.

Living in California, you must be surrounded by triathletes. Are you tempted to try one one day or even compete in an Ironman at some stage?

I am definitely intrigued and tempted to do a triathlon one day. Currently with how my running is going, there is not much time to dedicate to biking or swimming. One day I'll do an Ironman.

What is the last record you bought and downloaded?

I don't remember what I last bought, but this is in my car right now - Taylor Swift Fearless. She is my girlfriend's favorite. Maybe I bought it for her. Maybe I bought it for myself.

Whats on the iPod when u work out?

I train iPod free, 100% of the time.

Favourite running route and why?

Aliso Woods Canyon, top of the world and back. It has a great combination of long and rolling uphills, and flat sections. Plus there is an amazing view from the top.

Toughest guy to train with?

The easy answer would be Brian Sell, 2008 Olympic marathoner. I have trained with him consistently over the past 3 year and he is tough to keep pace with on any run.

Which road race would you love to win and why?

If you count the Olympic Marathon, then that would be the one to win. If not, then either Boston or New York. Both have huge traditions and are known as the best marathons in the world.

Any running role modells past and present?
My Parents. Brian Sell. Carolyn Lesley Victoria Ellis.

Have you ever been training in Kenya?

Nope, not yet.

How does a usual training day look like?

Wake up. Run. Eat. Take a nap. Eat. Play on the computer. Run again. Eat dinner. Go to sleep.

How often do you change shoes?

Once a month on average. I probably go through 15 pairs a year, which includes racing shoes.

We thank Nick for the interview and looking forward to another slammin' show over 42,195k!