Friday, March 12, 2010

PREVIEW - 8th Frankfurt Lufthansa Halfmarathon


Another new feature is already equal to the Start: The start is just before the Commerzbank Arena. Also new is the route, which follows after the start. It leads past the golf course through the city Niederrad to the Main Office. From there the Main-up view of the Frankfurt city. The track is south of the Main and runs along the Museum Embankment to Sachsenhausen, then by the road and the Mörfelder Isenburger back to the corridor leading Commerzbank Arena www.spiridon (

The route is almost completely flat and can therefore expect good times. It is completely free of traffic, measured and every mile will be marked. Spiridon eV thus remains faithful to its concept: "THE" half marathon sporting event on site provision at the beginning of the season to offer.

Finish in the Commerzbank Arena

Spectacular is certainly the finishing line in the arena. The destination is adjacent to the lawn, because that particular during the football season is completely taboo, yet the finish is sure to be a great experience. Since the start and finish are very compact around the arena and in multiples, can be expected even after the final finish a super atmosphere. Another improvement over the previous venue in the northern city.

As before, the event is 100% volunteer organized, what distinguishes them from other major running events in Frankfurt. The starting fee was therefore practically not be changed.

Race Documents are available in the entrance hall of the Commerzbank Arena from 8:00 clock. The starter package will be personally given to each participant.

The Elite race will start five minutes before the peloton. All ages are allowed to compete, but here are special qualifying times. For women, this is a personal best at 1:30, Men's Elite race at 1:17 h. In addition, one of the placement of finish, not the measured chip time. Comprehensive information on the performance-monetary prizes, the course record bonuses as well as the prizes on the website there are There is a common age-rating of the elite race and the main course. The award ceremony starts around 13.30 clock in the Commerzbank Arena.

For the team standings: 3 runners or runners with no age-mapping form a team.

Next there is a special score for participating Lufthansa employees. These will be consulted at the logon screen, the personnel number.