Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meb coming back to NYC

What is it about New York that keeps drawing you back?

It's where I started my marathon career. I told Mary and the New York Road Runners that I got my PHD in New York the first time I Iran because I hit the wall and have had my ups and downs, but I've tried to be persistent with it. They do a great job with the athletes and New York is definitely the place to be in terms of the fall marathons. Everyone dreams about visiting New York. For me to be able to compete there, and last year actually win there, is a dream come true.

What are your plans between the Boston Marathon in a couple of weeks and the New York City Marathon in the fall?

I'm not going to do any track this summer. I will probably take a longer break than usual and then start working backward from New York. In between, if I'm healthy, I will probably compete in some road races, but I'm not going to go overseas. One thing I changed last year was that I used to go every summer to Europe to run a 10K or some other race. That's probably not going to happen anymore.