Monday, June 28, 2010

Blog Roll - Hugo van den Broek

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Hugo van den Broek was the first athlete of the marathon team for the European Championships qualifying definiteve in my pocket. His preparation went well until this spring, Van den Broek had heel problems. The marathon runner can train with them but must weigh exactly what can and can not. With a sophisticated program with the necessary training alternative, Van den Broek it for each other that his heel symptoms decrease its load and its level rises. On his website he gives an update: "The road to BCN 2010 starts to look a little better. The heel complaint is still present and no less, but my levels are rising and that is the key! More than two weeks ago I did a training 1-2-3-2-1 km, where I ran 3km in 9'48. Last week it was already quite a lot better: I did 5 x 3km (with a break of 3 minutes) in an average of 9'30.

Today was the provisionally, heaviest training program. I got up at 7:00 and walked three kilometers apart - that was not the hardest course, that was what Gerard 'pre-warming "calls. Barcelona is very hot and soon you'll want no long warm-up, the body is not unnecessarily to run. An early warm-up just hours before the race, is suitable. You make the legs a bit loose and then have the race itself sufficient to a very short warm-up. After fifteen minutes they stumble, I took my breakfast, consisting of three slices of white bread with avocado, honey and apple, three strong cups of tea and some water. Hilda sat in the milking cow of Lornah because the employees who would normally always do, had a day out (and also Lornah).

At 9:30, I was picked up by Koen Raymaekers, with his new Subaru. Koen, his girlfriend, Florence, our driver Cornelius and I were driving twenty minutes to Kaptuli where we are on a sloping road between corn and wheat fields began our training: 30 'quiet (about 4.00 per km), 30' at 3.30 per km , 5 'quiet, 30' of 3.20 per km, 5 "quiet, 15 '3.20 per km, 5" quiet, 10' 3.15 per km, 20 'runs. 2:30 in total, just over 40km. The training went well. It was pretty hot and that was exactly the intention. We both had a lot of sports drink taken and Florence gave us a bottle of each quarter. "