Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blog Roll - James Carney

The bellin 10k

The annual Bellin 10k will be run this Saturday (June 12th) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of the Bellin 10k until my manager (Mr. Tom Ratcliffe) notified me of this race. All I really know is there is going to be strong competition and they get approximately 15,000 runners. It sounds like this race could potentially develop into a classic summer road race in America's heartland. I have never been to Green Bay and have only been to Wisconsin once about 10 years ago for the Big Ten Cross Country Championships hosted in Madison, Wisconsin. I loved every minute of that trip so Im hopeful those feelings with be replicated this weekend. The only thing I know about Green Bay is the Green Bay Packers. Even though I only truly care about the Pittsburgh Steelers I can respect the culture and fans that surround this football club. I have always dreamed of winning a race and waving my terrible towel in celebration over the final 200 meters. If I was a packer fan, this race would act as the perfect venue to celebrate wearing a cheese head. I hear John Yuda from Tanzania and John Korir from Kenya are running. I wonder if either of those guys knows what a lambo leap is....

I have been on a huge net flix kick recently and packing in movies constantly. I will be starting a movie review in this blog very soon and also ridiculing training mate Brent Vaughn's terrible taste in movies. He enjoys films such as "sex in the city" and "valtentines day". Embarrassing...

This week I have watched

Youth in Revolt: 2 Carney thumbs up. Very funny movies with many good tag lines. Michael Cera is definitely type cast but is a great role player. His alter ego "Francois" is a great character and a total ass kicker

The Invention of Lying: A very solid movie and definitely worth renting. I actually already went to the theatre solo to watch this bad boy a few months ago. Pretty Funny and a happy solid ending

House of the Devil: This movie was made in 2009 but set in the early 80s. Its supposed to be scary but its not. I found it rather weak and dont recommend it.

The Inside Man: Denzel Washington doesnt make many bad movies and this one lived up. Great story line (a bank heist) and acting. I found it similar to Die Hard but with much better acting.

The Lovely Bones: Solid movie. I enjoy freaky movies but could have done without the back and forth "dreamy surreal scenes" They shouldve stuck to the story line and the ending was terrible. The last 15 minutes were so ridiculous I actually got angry.

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