Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Roll - Viktor Röthlin

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After at least from the wonderful weather here in Bern GP weekend I headed to the next marathon the next day to the Engadine. In the summertime, we made a Mittagszwischenhalt with my friend Noldi Mächler Buttikon. Years ago, one of the most successful Swiss long-distance runners over 5000m and 10000m and has long been an important friend and training companion of mine. As always, his wife spoiled us with their culinary skills. To us, these are currently Tandoi Abraham, the whole three months to train with me and Daniel Brodard, which is for two weeks come with the Engadine to take part. And as soon as he is too fast to ride, so we can immensely important food during the running, practicing over and over again.

Speaking of food: on the way to the Grisons mountains, we always met me again myself! Are the Isostar posters but for now omnipresent throughout Switzerland aufgenhängt. Abraham freaked the first of these posters, which he sighted, and almost wanted to shoot a photo. For me it's already the second nationwide poster campaign. Did Isostar but it did last year, a campaign with me. This year's but I like even better and the new logo is very good.

Churchill pulled the thermometer in just under the 30 degree mark, changed the picture at the latest as we drove towards the Julier Pass. Arriving in St. Moritz, we started to set at the first practice round the beautiful lakes of the Upper Engadine. From summer to spring, so to speak, the meadows were in a bright green with crocus and snowdrop and the larks were awakened from their winter sleep, what was the sprouting of new needles visible.

Wonderful to finally be here again! But one is completely different this year. After the training was not as usual with the funicular railway up to the Muottas Muragl. The mountain restaurant is completely renovated during the summer. This means for me, after many years, high up on "my" mountain to obtain a new accommodation. I found what was on the Bernina Pass at 2350m above sea level, the Albergo Ospizio. M., for the next three weeks, then be our home. Abraham could not believe his eyes a second time, barely, when he partly 4m-high snow walls beside the road saw. He said dryly: "Why are we not driven back to Spain ...?" That's bad for him but then will not. Sent is yes, either in St. Moritz and Tirano. And just in Tirano, the temperatures are warm but just as beautiful as before at our training camp in Andalusia.

The first three-week block, I use now to continue to work on my form design. Main concern is the long runs, and the longer interval training sessions. Then I will go for a test run around the Ägerisee and relaxation down to one weeks Sempach. This week, I offer the way to a public course technical training in Stans. Then three weeks of altitude training then another block is planned in the Engadine. At the latest after that my legs should then be EM-worthy. Or my body demands more time from me, then what plan B would mean a fall marathon to complete. Until this decision to flow, however, a few drops of sweat, both Abraham and myself, and perhaps even with Daniel on the bike!