Friday, June 25, 2010

Running, not running, running, not running,...: Brian Sell

Written by: Mario Fraioli for CompetitorRunning
Olympian Brian Sell, who was slated to race Saturday’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half Marathon alongside three of his Hansons-Brooks teammates, announced on Thursday that he will not be competing at this weekend’s event.
“I had plans for it but the last month hasn’t been up to snuff for me,” Sell said via telephone from the pre-race expo, where he was signing autographs for fans. “I’m going to grad school in the beginning of August, so everything is on hold right now. I might get out and just jog it, but we’ll see.”
Sell, who finished 22nd overall at the Olympic Marathon in Beijing, was the 2006 USA Half Marathon Champion and has also been the USA 25K champion on three different occasions. After a successful professional career as the poster boy for the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, he decided to enroll in dental school at Penn State this fall. Rumors of retirement surfaced, but he recently told, “I took the winter off in Detroit and now I’m having a lot more fun with running. It is much more fulfilling now that the pressure is off and I’m just going to have fun and see what I can do.”