Saturday, September 25, 2010

BERLIN MARATHON 2010 - Three Kenyans against Haile...


When PatMakau and Geoffrey Mutai the room with the golden chairs, the chandeliers and the many journalists entered rick, so here they worked. The two Kenyans, the favorite in the Berlin marathon on Sunday were trying to count, not the path through the center of the room to the podium. They crept down the side forward, as if to hide from the hype.

Later Makau and Mutai took their places but on the podium, and Eliud Kiptanui, the third favorite from Kenya, sat down to do so. They began to laugh only when a photographer asked: "Give me a big smile" - Give me a broad grin. The Smile replace this year's runner Haile Gebrselassie exception.

The series has won four years in Berlin, 2008 with the current world record of 2:03:59. Now he is looking for new challenges and take effect on 7 November at the New York Marathon. "We are disappointed that he is not there," said race director Mark Milde. Four years of New York who wants to marry him, now he has given. "Evil is busy this marathon but why not," said Milde.

Mild favorite scenario

Makau, Mutai and Kiptanui are for change in the Berlin Marathon, is never one of them started in this race. Since all are about the same level, after years of dominance ahead of a three-fight Gebrselassie said. Makau, 25, won the Rotterdam Marathon in April in the Weltjahresbestzeit of 2:04:48 hours, Mutai, 28, seven seconds followed later. Kiptanui, 21, won in May, the Prague Marathon in 2:05:39 hours and improved his personal best by seven minutes. These are all world class times.

That none of the trio is the clear favorite, giving the Berlin race its appeal. Up to the 30th kilometer to pull the pacemakers the trio. "After 35 kilometers, they will look deep into your eyes, then come to a decision," says clemency. He is not a tip off, "but the Makau, who has a killer instinct."

Now it is in the Berlin marathon, however, not only for victory. It is all about, to beat the 2:03:59. Yes, he would create the world best, but what was difficult, says Makau. "I also do not begrudge my friends" You can almost believe that there starts a Kenyan marathon season. Mutai: "It will be very important to cooperate. Then we can all have a good time. "

It seems that the national task to the fore, back the world record of Ethiopian Gebrselassie, this had decreased in 2004 in the Kenyan Paul Tergat in Berlin. "Everybody in Kenya would be proud if the world record back," said Mutai. Even Mild had nothing new to a record. The race director has already thought of a favorite scenario: "Maybe we can Gebrselassie annoyed with that and it will return next year to wipe out the stain."