Friday, September 24, 2010

Berlin organizer Milde: "World record a possibility"

Interview by Stefan Giannakoulis for N-TV
TRANSLATED BY GOOGLE TRANSLATOR The Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie, one of the best runners in the world, is on Sunday 37th at the Edition of the Berlin Marathon present and starts rather on 7 November in New York. Do you have a problem now as an organizer? Finally, you said, to have him as a world-class runners and crowd favorite in the field, is half the battle.

Mark clemency since 2004, race director of the Berlin Marathon. He took over the post from his father, Horst, who had called the race in 1974 as the people of Berlin Marathon in life.
Mark Milde: I would have liked him again. Many call him, and I agree with him, as the greatest runner of all time because he has brought over many years of world-class performance. He has an aura that goes along with others. The people we have this year at the start, this aura, this figure still a distance away. Hopefully they will get there as well at some point, but now the number one Gebrselassie. Therefore, it is half the battle when you have it. However, we are with what we have gathered here, sporty, very happy because I know that the runners can deliver a very good performance - because they are very simple.

Gebrselassie, who last won four times in a row, the Berlin Marathon, in 2008, situated in the 2:03:59 world record and still felt in the capital are very good. Why it did not work this year? Lag's still on the money?

Sure money plays a role, I would be stupid if I would deny this. But on the other hand, there are a lot of exciting marathons. And the marathon is in New York this without doubt. If one has resisted for four years in succession to the Advertising of New York, then I can understand if he says the fifth time, yes. Even if the price in New York is not so cut to him, like the one in Berlin was always the case. Therefore, it will not be easy for him, but he's a gifted runner and there certainly his chance.

To whom is the spectators should be happy because in Berlin? As it is, occurs in the Kenyan Patrick Makau to break the world record. And his compatriot Geoffrey Mutai is charged with a chance. The two are this year after all, the fastest marathon runners in the world with times under 2:05 hours.

That with the world record I can not deny. If the weather cooperates, the two take in the attack. This also applies to Eliud Kiptanui, also from Kenya. In addition, for example, the 20-year-old junior world record holder Bazu Worku, who will try to uphold the Ethiopian flag. It is a compact box as in previous years. Otherwise, everything has always been very focused on Gebrselassie. It is definitely exciting.

Apart from the top runners, which provide the public attention, is the Berlin marathon a popular sports event - with 70,000 participants, including more than 40,000 runners on Sunday. If the end of the flagpole achieved?

With these numbers of participants and our athletes, we are very well positioned. We can tackle only step by step and see that we move cautiously as anything.