Friday, September 24, 2010

Kitwara VERSUS Komon: Loaded field at Utrecht Singel Loop 10k

Sammy Kitwara, the policeman from the Marakwet Kenya, on Sept. 26 will start at the ABN AMRO Singelloop Utrecht. In 2008, the then 21-year Kitwara the fastest in the cathedral city. Kitwara this year is a formidable competitor Leonard Komon.

In 2009 he was lord and master on the Dutch roads and others wrote under the Dam to Dam, the City-Pier-City Half Marathon in Rotterdam and in his name. His commitment is to the fast track in Utrecht, his personal record (27:22) to tighten. He will play the game with top favorite Leonard Komon not be evaded. Komon had previously indicated to Utrecht for an attack on the world record (27:01 in the name of Micah Kogo).

With the advent of the Utrecht Singel Loop Kitwara has an extra dimension. The question is only whether there will be a world record run, but who it will do. Is Leonard Komon, the winner of last year and on paper the fastest, or maybe Kitwara Sammy, who claimed victory in 2008? Both runners start Sunday, September 26 at Park Lepelenburg with thousands of others. And the finish? Following approximately 27 minutes later.