Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Roll - James Carney

Greg Mcmillan said it well in an email the other day when he said "I'll be out on Lake Mary Rd. sharpening the steel". That line injected some serious adrenaline into me and made me realize we are into the final stages of a couple months of hard work. Last Saturday, we were out on Lake Mary for a 15 mile tempo run and I had a total buzz kill. I wasnt feeling the mojo the last few miles and actually stopped early rather than dig a deep grave 2 weeks out from the main event. Perhaps I had too many steady runs in there between workouts. At any rate, I jogged my recovery runs this week and felt strong again this week and have one more week to sharpen the edges and feel like an animal next weekend.

It was announced Ryan Hall wont be toeing the line on 10-10. I find this a little disappointing as its always good to have him in the field but I also understand the pressure on his shoulders. If he doesnt feel like he's 100% ready to go, then he shouldn't. Mentally, the marathon is a real monster and if you feel less than confident above the shoulders, maybe you're better off refocusing on another race. Hall is taking alot of shit from people but Im sure this was not an easy decision. Im sure he's walking away from alot of money and more importantly, an opportunity to set a record and achieve legend status among the marathon crowd. Im sure Ryan really is more upset than anyone else that he wont be lacing up the race comps Oct 10th.