Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Roll - Jason Pyles

90miles on 8 runs

M: 6miles/ 9miles
T: 10miles with 3xMile
SA Track 5:01, 5:02, 5:03
W: 10miles
T: 15miles at KSF with hilly section
F: 10miles
S: 10miles with Beckley 5K (long course 3.19)
1st Place--$$$--16:13(15:40s if course was right)
S: 20miles (2:10.10/6:30) on GRT

Recap: Tired week but got in some decent work. The Thursday and Sunday runs went well so I do feel I added in some strength to my legs this week. The speed on Tuesday just felt tired and the long course 5K on Saturday both felt the same--tired so I didn't push through for faster results those days. The money we won in the 5K covered a very fun weekend trip to Pocahontas County where we got to enjoy nice long runs on the GRT Sunday!! I dropped Wed/Fri doubles due to being tired.