Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Roll - Lee Merrien

Delhi bound

This will have to be a quick post as I only have 40mins before we drive down to the lake for our last run in Font Romeu (although technically the lake is not in Font Romeu). As soon as we get back from the run it will pretty much be shower, change and then head off to Barcelona for the night. Our flight departs early tomorrow morning so we are staying in Barcelona so to get at least some sleep before we begin our travel to Delhi. I hear everything is pretty good in Delhi in terms of accomodation now, its just the odd stray 10 foot python you need to watch out for :)

In terms of the training camp the two weeks at altitude does seem to have gone very quickly, granted two weeks is only half the time I spent up here in July but it has flown by none-the-less. Its been a productive training trip too, which as I think as I mentioned in my last post... is now like a second home, although its been very quite around here as it's now between seasons. Even down the lake, where we have tended to do much of our running there have been fewer people about, although ironically on Friday when we went down for an easy run to shake out the previous days track workout, we see next to no one down but of the 2 of the people we do see down they are from Guernsey! It was infact a chap called Mike Rhodes and his wife Jenny, Mike used to be my manager at Barclays Bank back in day when I had real job... as wife tells me :). As it turns out Mike has been living out here for 6 years running a guest house in a small town called Les Angles, which is basically a small ski town adjacent to Lac de Matemale (where we do a lot of our running). We stopped for a quick catch up before continuing our run, but next time I'm back in Font Romeu I will be sure to look him up. My wife also used to work with Mike so perhaps I will bring the family out here next time.

I better finish up now but next time I post will likely be after the 5000m in Delhi, the race will be on at 3.25pm UK time (which is 7.55pm, Delhi time) on Wednesday 6th October. The 10k is 5 days later but I must admit I don't even know the start time as I'm not thinking that far ahead. You never know what the conditions will be like and how the race will unfold but from my training I am in shape to to run a personal best, which would for me would rap up a good season. Plus chances are i unlikely to get another chance to run a 5k in the future as my long term focus will switich back to the marathon.

Ok better dash now as leaving for that run soon, thanks for reading.