Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Roll: Ritz

I am sitting here in my Normatec MVP in our rental apartment doing therapy for the last push to the ING NYC Marathon on November 7. We have gone to New Mexico for altitude training and I am very excited for the extra fitness I will gain from being here. Luckily for me, my wife packed up the kids and the dog and she came down with me. It would have been torture spending five weeks away from my family and it simply would not have been possible if they had not come. It is amazing how much stuff it takes to get us all to one place for a month. It was quite the site to see us going through the airport with a double stroller, two car seats, and four bags. I am a little ashamed to say my wife packed all her things and the kids stuff in one bag–I took up the rest! Now, once Alberto gets here it will be just like being back in Portland–only at 6,000 feet! I always forget the little differences of being at altitude. I did a 23 miler yesterday and I drank about 80 oz of fluid and I was still thirsty the entire time. I was completely covered in salt crystals afterward–that is always hard to get used too. I have a double workout tomorrow and I think I will not be able to drink enough all day. Doing 17-18 miles a day on average is very tough at altitude and I will look forward to getting past that first 3-10 days when you feel the worst. By the time I get through a month here I think I will be in greta shape for NYC. OK, off to bed. The rest of the family is asleep…

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