Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ettore Torri: "I do not think that doping will be eradicated"


The storm that is sweeping Alberto Contador doping and cycling is not surprising a disheartened Ettore Torri. At that point the head of CONI anti-doping prosecutor is convinced that all cyclists make use of prohibited substances and doping, as well as being invincible, it should be legalized if it was not harmful to the health of athletes. "I'm not the only one who says," Towers said in an interview with Associated Press talking about the spread of prohibited substances and methods, "ultimately all the cyclists I interviewed said that they all dope." According to Towers if the doping is not harmful to the health of athletes a possible solution, not to set injustice among athletes, it would be the legalization of drugs of abuse: "It's not fair when there is an athlete out of a hundred," said Towers . "More work in this field, the more I wonder at the spread of doping. I do not think that doping will be eradicated," he said.