Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blog Roll: Marathon Derby

Now, being injured brings all kinds of different problems. It's not only the physical and the mental struggle to find the right approach to getting healthy. There is advice and there is more advice. Everyone has advice, and to quote one my favorite bands, "opinions are like kittens, everyone is giving 'em away."

Most runners have been injured, at some point or another, and can sympathize. Most people want to truly help especially if your problem is, say, tied to the very mission of the place where you work. And only some people actually think about your problem outside the realm of their experience. In my case, working at Urban Athletics, I've been gifted with an entertainingly drastic range of perspectives. I love our customers in the kind of way you get to see your cousins once or twice a year and talk about the things you know you have in common, but sometimes even those conversations go horribly awry.