Friday, November 12, 2010

Boston Marathon adds spots for registrants with computer glitches

MetroWestDailyNews reports
Several hundred runners whose attempts to register for the Boston Marathon were blocked by the organization’s temporary technology problems will now be allowed to race this April.

The eight-hour window Oct. 18 shattered the old registration record and stunned the Boston Athletic Association, which had promoted early signups. Despite preparations, the association experienced morning technology glitches, later fixed, that left some runners unable to register.

Those who can show they unsuccessfully tried to sign up during the morning problems have been awarded bibs over the past several days, the association says.

In recent years, the Boston Athletic Association has allowed 26,790 entries for a field size of roughly 25,000 participants, based on the fact that some runners don't show up. That wiggle room will be used to accommodate the morning shutouts, leaving field size the same.

Spokesman Jack Fleming cited the association’s responsiveness in making the move, but warned that it can’t accept runners who got shut out for reasons other than the morning glitches.