Friday, November 5, 2010

mzungo exclusive: Claudio Berardelli's predictions

What's your take on the race?
Everybody is expecting the favorite Haile but it's a very atypical, unpredictable race. Last year, Meb wasn't the big gun but no favorite came through. My guy, James Kwambai is ready. He now has experience. There are three, four guys that can make the race. Kirui, Haile, Kwambai, Mutai all have the means to win such an important race.

Do you see a chance that one or two of the Kenyans go out harder than usually in New York to break things up way before the Bronx or Fifth Avenue?
There will be an initial phase where everybody is watching each other but at one point someone will test the others and see how they react.

Do you think the Kenyans would work together in any way?
No. Winning New York is too important for every runner.

Do you see any of the Americans in the mix?
Ritz. I'm curious to see what he can do now that he works with Salazar.

What does it take to break Haile?
I think that someone should pull a "Ramaala" on First Avenue. Whoever risks a move may be in the mix for the race. If Haile survives First Avenue, he's dangerous. In any case, he has to be attacked.

Grazie mille Claudio!

Claudio Berardelli works as athletic coach and spends 10 month a year in Eldoret/Kenya. He coaches, among others, Duncan Kibet, James Kwambai, Martin Lel, Robert Cheruiyot, Evans Cheruiyot.