Monday, November 8, 2010

mzungo exclusive: the winner's press conference

Gebre Gebremariam

"Here in New York is business, here's where things are happening. It was my dream to run here, not to win. I look forward to run and win again next year with my wife. I started with winning the best marathon. This is perfect, I am so happy. During the end of the race, I just followed the more experienced Mutai. I haven't really slept and ran across the finish this morning again. It was so great."

Edna Kiplagat

"I was very tired yesterday but today I am going to see the city. It would be great to catch a Letterman show. NY is not only big there are also so many great people to meet. Everybody is so nice and welcoming."

Shalane Flanagan

"Even though I am not a champ, I feel like one. I haven't slept all night and just like Gebre went for another run across the finish this morning."
Someone mentioned that she is US champ though to which she says laughing "Yeah, yeah, champion of something."
"Deena kastor has been very supportive during the whole buildup and I also received a short text from Kara Goucher."
"For the next race, I may have to work on the downhills. I felt strong on the uphills but seemed like lacking the turnover for the downhills. Ideally, my next two marathons would be the US trials in Houston 2012 and London Olympics if I make the team. So next year the focus will be on the track."