Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Roll: Ryan Hall

Ryan blogs on Competitor
As Sara and I were enjoying a relaxing Valentines Day last night at home in Flagstaff we were recalling our various Valentines Day memories. It was fun to think back to our college days and our first Valentines Day nine years ago.
Going to Stanford the Valentines possibilities are endless. Trying to pick from going up to San Francisco or heading to the coast to Santa Cruz or Half Moon Bay was always a tough choice. Sara and I had been dating for 4 months prior to our first Valentines Day and I wanted to make our first Valentines Day a memorable one (I knew I was lucky to be with her). I did my usual research on-line and found a perfect restaurant in Half Moon Bay called Miramar (you can check it out at It sat right on the beach and the food looked amazing from what I could tell from the online menu. Reservations were hard to come buy so I had to settle for a late dinner.