Friday, March 18, 2011

Speaking with Ryan Hall: Part 1 - Higher quality training

By Joe Battaglia, Universal Sports

What's been the most difficult part for you in this training block since you've been crafting your own workouts?

To be perfectly honest, the most difficult thing has been trying to get my health dialed in. After not making it to the start line in Chicago, I saw some specialists to try and get a handle on what was going on with my body and found out a couple of things, one of which was that I had a parasite. I don't know how long I have been carrying it and we've been trying to get rid of that now for a couple of months. The process of trying to get rid of a parasite is not very fun. You have to kill all of the bacteria in your gut, both good and bad, so my stomach has been kind of a mess. These last couple of weeks I'm feeling more like myself. My energy level is much better, my stomach is getting better, and my workouts are getting better.

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