Thursday, March 17, 2011

Steroids more profitable than heroin

By John Mehaffey, Reuters

Howman told a doping conference convened by the World Sports Law Report at Twickenham rugby stadium that the criminal elements who controlled illegal betting were also involved in steroid trafficking.

“My inside information has it that the underworld is now controlling a significant proportion of world sport,” he said.

“The criminal underworld is providing prohibited substances. For $100 you might get a return back of between $10000 and $100000. That’s a good return on your investment, the criminal world thinks it’s wonderful.

“They are also involved in money laundering and bribery and so on.”

Howman said there was more money made in trafficking illegal performance-enhancing drugs than in dealing heroin with criminals obtaining the raw materials for illegal drugs and producing them in kitchen laboratories.

“Then they are distributed to our kids and our grandchildren. People are dying,” he said.”

Howman told reporters his information came from law enforcement people “far more experienced and knowledgeable than any one of us”.

“They say the underworld is involved in betting, in distributing steroids and it’s the same jokers, it’s not anybody new,” he said.