Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Experts expect a new world record in the marathon


he world record for the marathon is more and more runners in sight. The group of athletes that the 42 km and 195 meters in 2 hours and 4 or 5 minutes walk, is growing dramatically in recent years.

Under good circumstances,''it''a lot faster, says Mario Kadiks, director of the ABN Amro Rotterdam marathon that Sunday as the first of the big races at the turn for an attack on the global journals. ''We have guys who want to start to surpass.''

Jos Hermens, Gebrselassie manager for years, argues that the current record this year was killed.

''There is at present less respect for athletes the world. Today, much more than before worked in groups, so athletes learn from each other and encourage each other. When a group from a running, says the rest: "I could do that''', Hermens trying to find an explanation for the rapid marathons in recent years.
In the eyes of Hermens is a tightly orchestrated race needed. Haile did it''just yet, now is a world without 'hare' is no longer possible.''
Historic game
Rotterdam was in both 2009 and 2010 annual rankings of the marathon. In 2009 Duncan Kibet and James Kwambai fought a historic duel to the finish. Both came from the rare time 02/04/1927. Gebrselassie had only ever faster.
A year later, the winner on the Coolsingel again the fastest of the year: Patrick Makau in 04/02/1948. Rotterdam chose in those years for a broad group of talented and experienced runners. That mix was a guarantee for a good game and stop times. 2.06 Where once was greeted with cheers, this is now really average.
Opportunities with a runner in Rotterdam may drop something nice for his future. Kadiks Prague Syncopated attempts with the hares and therefore a 'we-feeling "to create. The toppers should get the idea that through cooperation a step further to come.
The move to''the world is getting smaller. Vincent Kipruto had problems last year, had a sole of his shoe out. He finished third in here anyway 02/05/1913. Without this condition, he was hiding in 2.04.''He wants to say that his Prague Syncopated recent years despite some bad luck already quite close to Gebrselassie came.