Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hall pass to starting line

This winter featured more uphills than downhills for top American hopeful Ryan Hall as the 27-year-old went about his business preparing for Monday’s 115th Boston Marathon. Injuries and illnesses were his constant training companions.

“It’s been an interesting buildup, that’s for sure,” Hall said. “A goal has been just to get back to the starting line after not getting to the starting line of Chicago (last fall). I had some health issues that I had to get in order.”

Hall’s initial setback was a problem with his thyroid gland, which was followed by a bout with a parasite that affected his stomach. It placed much of his January and February training in an up-and-down state. Medication ultimately controlled the thyroid issue, which he believes might have been brought on by over-training. The parasite issue took longer to clear up.

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