Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last American winners at Boston Marathon want drought to end

Lisa Rainsberger will be at the finish of the Boston Marathon next Monday, just in case an American woman wins for the first time since Rainsberger did it in 1985.

She's even got an outfit picked out for the occasion, "in hopes of passing the laurel wreath over."

Now a successful coach and soccer mom who lives in Colorado Springs, Rainsberger used to enjoy being known as the last American to win the Boston Marathon, but not now. It's been too long.

"Had you asked me this question 15 years ago, I wanted it for me still," Rainsberger said. "But now, for the betterment of the sport, for our pride and patriotism, it (would) pave the way for people like my daughter. If she sees women winning, it's going to make the sport for her that much more sexy, attractive.