Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LONDON 2012: Coe hit by another criticism of his marathon route planning

The architect of so much of the precision planning behind the Games, the Locog chairman will not look back on the marathon showpiece with quite so much satisfaction.

First there was the controversy over the route - a decision he claimed was one of the toughest he's had to take in his role.

Coe has since made peace with the residents of Tower Hamlets, who claimed they'd been snubbed by his determination to hold the race in central London, as opposed to a traditional finish at the Olympic Stadium.

But now Dave Bedford - the long-term race director of the hugely successful London Marathon - has resigned from his role advising Olympic organisers.

And Bedford didn't hold back, in an interview published by London's Evening Standard - which coincided with this week's Sport Accord convention and International Olympic Committee executive board meeting in the city.