Friday, April 29, 2011

London Marathon day in Kenya

On Sunday morning my wife and I jumped onto a packed bus in Iten and headed to Eldoret. It was two hours before Marathon start time but the atmosphere in Iten was already one of nervous excitement as runners emerged from their camps and houses and selected their favourites bars, pubs and hotels to watch the London Marathon.
Our plan was to head 30k down the road and join Kenyan running legend Moses Tanui’s ‘London Marathon Party’ at his hotel on the outskirts of downtown Eldoret. We arrived in good time and in good spirits to watch some great racing. The place was packed and nicely decorated with Virgin London Marathon posters, ticker tape and balloons. The staff were giving out whistles and it was a real party atmosphere. Before we even got to the front door we had been greeted by Moses Tanui and been introduced to 800m star Alfred Kirwa Yego and former London Marathon winner Felix Limo. Moses’ was clearly ‘the place to be’ this morning.