Saturday, April 2, 2011

Renato Canova on Blood Doping

Every time I read some people thinking that the majority of top athletes are doped, I become angry because of the total stupidity of that belief.

I continue to fight my battle for the credibility of middle distances, especially about African runners.

I continue to say that blood doping with the strongest athletes doesn't work, and CANNOT work. I know what I say, but, because of partial informations regardings normal people (in this case blood doping works), many persons suppose I'm naive, or stupid, or cheater.
I don't care, I know where is possible to arrive with talent and very hard GOOD training (isn't true that Training Hard you win easy : train WELL is also training hard, but not always training hard is training well), because some of the best athletes in the world (for example, the WR holder of steeple Shaheen, the World Champions of HM Florence Kiplagat and Wilson Kiprop, the WCCCh Imane Merga) are with me in training from long time, and I know everything about what they do (and they do what I plan for them to do).
But the main point is another :

Which kind of image you offer, about athletics, for young people having the passion of running ? Your message is that NEVER is possible running fast without doping, that everybody is a cheater, that there are no moral values and ideals in athletics. You are a TERRORIST OF TRACK AND FIELD, without any proof and also without any knowledge about what are you saying.
I put my face in this battle, I put in Letsrun, but I'll put also in Boston (I go there for the Marathon with Florence Kiplagat and Moses Mosop).
I don't fear to say the truth, also if somebody doesn't believe.

People don't have any idea till where is possible arrive, IN ABSOLUTELY CLEAN WAY, having big talent and motivation.

Do you think that, for example, Herbert Elliot in 1960 (able running without rabbit, in the Olympic Final, the WR in 3'35"6 when was 22), with the professionalism of today, the money of today, a long career, better tracks, total motivation for long time, could not run the same times of today, may be better ? And the same thing for Peter Snell, Sebastian Coe, the top English runners of 30 years ago.

Or EPO already was there, only for them ?

Shut up, big stupid mouth, and respect who works very hard every day for promoting athletic in their role : athletes as first, and coaches (many of them without any economica advantage), and managers, and organisers that struggle in finding money for their races. And, yes, also for physiologists and haematologists, that approach athletics for one simple reason : because, being a MEASURABLE sport, is possible to have research about enigines superior to the normal average.