Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vitkor Röthlin: “If I run the European marathon record in London, I will be yodelling”

Switzerland’s 2010 European Athletics Championships marathon gold medallist Viktor Röthlin isn’t so unwise as to promise a European record at the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday, but it’s certainly at the back of his mind.

And he has a special surprise in store for the audience at the end of the race should he go faster than the record of 2:06:36, which is jointly held by Portugal’s Antonio Pinto and France’s Benoit Zwierchiewski.

“If I run the European marathon record here in London, I will be yodelling on the finish line I think people want to see me do it!” revealed Röthlin.

“My parents were old-fashioned; they come from the heart of Switzerland and thought that sports were for the sort of people that did not work hard enough. They sent me to learn yodelling. I can do it but nowadays I don’t do it very often, but I like it.”