Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Roll - Dylan Wykes

Yesterday I raced in the BUPA Great Manchester Run in Manchester, England. This was my first time racing in England, and I was looking forward to backing up my solid 10,000m at Stanford two weeks ago with a good performance here.

Unfortunately things didn’t really pan out as I’d hoped….I finished 13th in 29:30. I got in the mix early on, but was working way too hard and already feeling crap by about 3k. I slowly stared to slip out of the lead group and was shot out the back door by 5k. The rest of the race was pretty lonely. I had one or two guys come past me, who I tried to hang onto without success. I just had nothing in my legs and a savage cramp in my diaphragm that made the going tougher than usual. But I’ll keep on truckin’ for a few more weeks and hope for one more good day out there.

The race itself was a top class event and it was pretty cool to line up with the likes of Geb, Mottram, etc, etc, etc.