Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clampdown on ambush tactics at Comrades

The police and special “route monitors” will keep a careful watch for ambush marketing at this weekend’s Comrades Marathon, the Comrades Marathon Association has warned.

Having noticed a “disturbing trend” towards the use of ambush-marketing tactics during the marathon, the association said this strategy had once again come to the fore.

Gary Boshoff, the association’s general manager, said sponsors and suppliers invested considerable sums of money, manpower and products in the race and that the association would not allow non-sponsoring companies to use it to market their products and services.

“If you are not a sponsor of the event, it is illegal to try to create the impression that you are, or that you are somehow associated with the Comrades Marathon. We will be obliged to use the full force of the law to act against transgressors,” he said.