Friday, May 20, 2011

Court blocks Wanjiru funeral as father speaks out

arathon champion Samuel Wanjiru’s funeral matters have become a court issue.

His mother has obtained orders from the High Court blocking his wife from burying him.

Mr Justice Anyara Emukule granted a 14-day injunction after Ms Hanna Wanjiru went to court to stop Ms Teresia Njeri from burying her husband.

Wanjiru died after falling off a balcony during a confrontation after his wife found him in bed with a waitress.

Ms Hanna Wanjiru has been vocal in insisting that her son was killed and claims that there was blood in the living room of his house.

The athlete’s body will stay at the Lee Funeral Home until the court in Nakuru hears both parties.

The mother accuses Ms Njeri of making arrangements to bury her son on May 24 without involving her. She does not even recognise Ms Njeri as her son’s wife, although almost everyone else, including the police, do.