Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stanford: Jager Talks 1500m Comeback

Evan Jager opened up the 2011 season on Sunday by sticking his nose in a very competitive 1500m race at Stanford’s Payton Jordan Invitational. He came away with a very credible 3:40.52 in only his second full race since September of 2009. He discussed what he was thinking going into the race, and what he’s focused on, moving forward.

You said post-race that you had come in thinking you could run 3:40 and maybe dip under. Were there workouts that indicated your fitness was there, or had Jerry discussed that being something you should be able to hit? Or is it simply, I’m a pro — I need to be able to run there.
There were no workouts, really, and Jerry and I hadn’t really talked about the time at all. It was just getting out there and competing again. Yeah, just in the back of my mind, I figured, being a professional– I mean, I was able to run 3:41 in my freshman year of college, so I thought 3:40 would be a somewhat achievable goal. And also, kind of basing it off last year, coming back after being off for two months for the navicular stress reaction and opening up and running 3:38, I figured I should be able to run 3:40.