Monday, June 6, 2011

2:02 Marathon - Moses Mosop


As we talked about in our preview, the men's 30km world record was soft and we expected it to fall Friday night. However, the way Boston Marathon runner-up Moses Mosop destroyed the record on Friday night was a thing of beauty.

The runners started out with decent conditions. Although the sun was still out and the temperature was 71 degrees, the wind had died down to a more reasonable 8+ mph at race time. A record attempt was possible, as the field of 9 stepped to the line with the lap counter saying 75 laps to go.
The first 10k was pretty uneventful because of a masterful rabbiting job by Ketema Nigusse Tola. The leaders ran between 69-plus and 71-plus the whole first 25 laps, with a whole bunch of 70-points in a row (they needed sub-71 pace to break the 30k record). Although this was a track race, there were water stations on the track and the runners took water frequently, drinking and dousing their heads.

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