Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog Roll - Eric Gillis

Didn't post after Ottawa as I went directly into downtime ;) Occupied my time by eating lots of chocolate bars and Sun Sun. That lasted six fabulous days. Now back to limiting myself to one chocolate bar a day and no Sun Sun, unless I'm really craving!

Heading into Ottawa I had dropped out, or cut short, every workout the previous 10days, chest cold getting the better of me. Timing was poor to say the least. Had been keying on Ottawa for the entire Spring. In each previous race I had met, or surpassed my expectation giving me a lot of confidence. Felt excited and ready to lay it on the line in the nations capital. A week of feeling lousy eat up all that excitement, but lucky I didn't pick it in. I ended up feeling considerably better day before, and actually felt ok for race, go figure. Ended up finishing 4th overall and 1st Canadian, same as last year.