Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog Roll - Reid Coolsaet

This past weekend seven of us from Speed River went down to the Music City Distance Carnival in Nashville, TN. I was warned it was a hot place to run a 5000m but since six other teammates were going down and it wasn’t too far to fly and the pace was supposed to be set for 65 second laps I decided to go there over Portland, OR (June 11). Well the temps were more than I bargained for because when I raced it was 28C (82F) with 67% humidity. Bolota Asmeron asked the pacer to go for 64 second laps so I sat back but the heat caught up to him quickly and we both passed 1600m in 4:23. I then split 3000m in 8:17 with a couple other guys before Bolota dropped out and Paul Chelimo slowed. I ran by myself for the rest of the race until I got a little scare with 100m to go as Chelimo ran 59 for his last 400m compared to my 63 and came within two seconds of me in the end.