Wednesday, June 8, 2011

FINLAND DOPING: Coaches knew of use of EPO

The reopened STT doping case was already entering the final stretch when a surprise revelation was heard on Tuesday.

Former top skier Mika Myllylä, who was heard in court as a defence witness, said that he had told the Finnish Ski Association coaches Pekka Vähäsöyrinki and Antti Leppävuori of his use of EPO.

In the ongoing trial Vähäsöyrinki and Leppävuori are among the accused. They are being charged of aggravated fraud arising out of an earlier libel action against the Finnish News Agency (STT).

The men are accused of having denied in court that they had any knowledge of the use of doping within the Finnish Ski Association and of having demanded compensation in a fraudulent fashion for the distress caused to them by a condemnatory news article by STT.