Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mzungo is back

Mzungo is back – and I’m taking it into a new direction.

Markus and I – Uli – created this blog in 2008 to provide African as well as all other distance runners a platform to boost their visibility and popularity around the globe. For four years, we passionately posted on all things distance running. We created the Mzungo Mile that was – and still is – bound for greatness. Others took the same concept and made it big (Park Run 5ks).

Life got in my way and the blog wayside. While I was busy creating Gran Fondo New York and GFNY World, my running turned into the stepchild of my cycling passion. I kept running during the winter and ran the odd marathon. My times plummeted from a PR 2:33 in NYC 2009 to a barely sub3 in Boston 2014 off 40 miles per week of jogging.

After Boston I decided that I wouldn’t run another marathon unless I properly trained for it. I dropped running entirely for the rest of the summer in favor of cycling but got back into it starting September. It somehow really excited me so I decided to give proper running a go again. I turned 40 in October which means I can’t expect to run another PR (I've been running for almost 20 years). I do believe though that I have a shot at finishing in the Top 100 one more time at NYC Marathon on November 1, 2015.

I’ll use Mzungo to write about my journey to get there because it will help my motivation. Markus now has his own blog but I’ll continue to try to convince him to join me here as well. He’s a very entertaining writer and even better photographer.