Thursday, December 18, 2014

NYC Half

Once back in NYC at the end of February, I'd like to be at the Washington Heights 5k and the NYC Half. I've never mastered the 5k up there and I no longer will but it's maybe the best 5k in the country after Carlsbad 5000. Being part of it should be fun and also help me to have a decent NYC Half.

Decent would be something like a 1:16/1:17. For some reason, the half and I have never gotten along well but I do like the NYC Half because when I fall out of my bed, I'm almost touching the start line. Plus, it has become quite a big deal which is great. I was signed up this year but sick the week before so I slept in, watched the first miles on TV, started last and just jogged it. While my time was certainly not enough to qualify again for the race, it now is quick enough to qualify for the NYC Marathon after the NYRR changed the qualifying rules last month. That rule change is a story for another day for a variety of reasons.

After that, I'm hoping to jump into the odd Central Park race and CPTC workout on Thursdays before GFNY month (aka "May") hits me hard and running becomes an afterthought.

In the next days I'll talk about the rest of the racing year leading up to the marathon as well as training. Just a general note: this will not be a daily blog going forward but certainly have regular updates.

Status update Markus: silence.