Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Let's get to the here and now: I'm injured. How does that sound for a start of a new blog? I guess it can only get better (unless I get an even worse injury that is).

September to December was filled with easy miles. I was just trying to get a resemblance of run fitness back. I did a handful of progression runs but that's about it for any faster pace. My goal marathon pace (6 - 0something min/mile) feels like an all out 5k. Good times.

At the end of December, we flew to Germany and back. The general recommendation to fight jet lag and tiredness is to go for a jog immediately upon arrival. My approach is different: do nothing. When flying, my legs tighten up, I'm dehydrated and bloated like a balloon. Jogging feels plain awful so I don't.

The day after the return flight, I went for a run with the usual guys on Saturdays. I was stiff so it took me a long time to get going. Unfortunately, I bumped into the group already after 15 minutes, just when I hit BPN (Bridle Path including the North loop in Central Park). Two of the guys were nearing the end of their run so they ran a little too quick: me right hamstring and calf tightened up ever so slightly. 15 minutes later I had to call it a day and walked home.

It's been 8 days since and I once tried running but the tightness returned after only 15 minutes. Instead of laying off completely, I lift some weights and do core exercises almost every day. Plus, I go riding which doesn't really help the healing but I don't feel any pain when I ride so I do it. I'd rather lay off running a few more days because of that than doing nothing at all.

For good measurement I also picked up a cold now. Looks like I will have to continue easing into that running thing. Clearly that's not how I envisioned it but is it ever? I tend to be impatient and ungrateful when it comes to my running so I better use this as yet another lesson to lighten up a little.

It's just running. (Ah, dammit!)