Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cloud 259

Today I actually had to leave my Saturday morning jogging group because they were going too fast: flying at 7min pace. Yup, I'm fried from work. Three more weeks.

I've been an avid podcast listener for over 10 years during my runs (and even now have my own podcast but it's about GFNY, not running). Two of my club mates have a nice running podcast called "Cloud 259". "259" because their goal was to break 3h in the marathon. One of them, Brenn, achieved that last year by running a 2:56. Ever since, he says he's been lacking motivation to train hard again for a marathon. In their most recent episode, he said he would use me as a target for NYC Marathon.

A few years ago I would have laughed at that. Hey, I'm a 2:33 guy! Who are you kidding? 

But he mentioned that I have a kid now and am busy with organizing GFNY's around the globe. And looking at my recent results, he is right to use me as a target. I'm no longer a 2:33 guy. Two years ago I ran 2:48 in NYC (and that was the last time I trained three months for a marathon). I firmly believe that I can still run 2:45 and I think I have a shot at getting under 2:40 again if all goes perfect.

But as Brenn rightfully stated: believing something and actually doing the necessary work for it are two very different things.