Monday, September 7, 2015


Tomorrow I will finally be at the start line of a race. It won't be pretty but knowing this in advance allowed me to train more this week. No tapering needed.

Michael B had the week off so he was able to push the workout from his usual ungodly 5.45am to a more bearable 7am. That's not the start of the run but the workout, all warmed up and ready to roll.

We did 8*600 on the East Drive in the 90s. While not track-fast, not much is lost on straight tarmac. Michael said it's about 2 seconds long but who's counting (we were: 2:07-2:00 per rep).

Two days later I doubled it up with a progression run of 10 miles. Only the last 2 were probably in true tempo pace but I didn't want to fall apart early again in the heat and humidity.

I ran the New Haven 20k in 1:10h five years ago. Tomorrow, I will have to accept anything around 1:20h. It doesn't help, I have to start somewhere.

Meanwhile I'm stilling riding twice a week. With GFNY Italia coming up on September 20, I want to at least be in decent shape. Maybe I can make the second group again like last year.

Not sure what other races I will do until the Rock 'n' Roll Half in Brooklyn in October. I mostly hope to be able to get a few more solid tempos and long runs in. For the latter, maybe that 50k around Manhattan needs to get done finally. But beyond just getting through distance, after Italy the long runs will need to have some ooomph as well.

The picture? I'm still a sucker for running shoes (and running apparel) of the evil empire. No shoe has come close to what the Lunaracer delivers: lightweight but cushioned. Exactly what I need for everyday training and long races. I also still own a pair of the original Lunartrainer which I take out when I start running after an injury.

This year, Nike decided to bring the Trainer back and now calls it "Lunartempo". Saw one for $60 so couldn't resist. I'm very impressed because it is as light as the Lunaracer but even more cushioned. It will be my go-to show for easy long runs on concrete and definitely the shoe I will be wearing at Comrades (which will again not be next year. Stupid date!).