Markus - CEO Europe
Former die hard footballer and downhill biking addict with an extended skaterhockey career in Germany's top division. Bored by bitchy team sports, he drifted deeply into the wide and wonderful geeky endurance world. Music enthusiast and world cruiser. Motto: "Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it."
Uli - CEO Americas
Has-been domestique-style roadie and sub 9 hour Ironman turned wannabe sub 2:30h marathoner. 
Happy places: riding up Albula pass in a race, soloing down 1st Ave at NYC Marathon and surfing the net until it's empty.
Unhappy place: if someone talks about age group placings.
Simo - Italy ambassador
After playing in an Italian soccer team for 20 years and breaking a considerable amount of bones, Simo started to run to stay fit at the ripe old age of 30 and quickly got hooked on marathoning. But he did not stop at the classic 42.2k distance. He finished in the Top10 of famous 100k Passatore on his first crack at the long haul and will take it from there.

In 2013, Simo may have lost the fight against cancer but he just keeps running in heaven.