Friday, March 26, 2010

Blog Roll: Jason Pyles

Shamrock Half Marathon (1:10.34/5:23pace)

Went in feeling good after a nice easy few days before hand. Really thought I could run a break through race and hit anywhere between 1:06.30-1:07.30 which could have been big PR range. Also though since I was deep into Marathon training I thought that 1:08.30-1:09.30 could be a solid day. Didn’t come close to the first goal and due to not being race tough I let the 2nd goal slip away as well after 9miles.

Was through 5miles 26:25 and 10miles 53:11 which included a very rough 10th mile split. Even though I was slower then I wanted through 10miles I still could have ran to a solid finish. The last 4.1 wasn’t too pretty even though the first 9 wasn’t that tough(just couldn’t seem to wake up and run any faster through 9). The last 4.1 was into a wind so maybe that helped break my mental state of not running up to what I had hoped for.

After being 47:41/5:17pace(potential sub 1:09 with fast finish) through 9 the Last 4miles looked liked this 5:30, 5:30, 5:29, 5:38 and 40 (last 1.1 was the only point in which I did just give up and starting thinking about the upcoming week of training which needs to be very solid now)

Had I been hurting the first 9miles I would have expected the drop off but to be running slower then I think I was capable of right now and still drop off is my only negative of the race.

Really wasn’t real fast up front minus the top 3 so I guess the field was down compared to most years so it would have been a great day for someone like me to have ran really well.

I know I’m far from a elite runner but one of the things I have learned from them is they never really dwell on anything that happens bad, they always take the positive from it and move on to the next one!

Had a great trip, we enjoyed great weather and had a really fun time. The race had us in a hotel right next to the finish line so we were able to keep the balcony door open all day Saturday and enjoy the sounds of 15,000+ plus people who were having a party right in front of us after the 8K race. Such a great weekend to spend with Marian :)

Anyone looking for a early spring 8K/Half/Full sound really do this event. 2 year’s in a row we have went and it is quickly becoming my favorite as far as atmoshpere(one huge Yuengling party)!

4 weeks to go until Boston and the next 2.5-3 weeks is really imprtant for me now to really get the confidence sky high…I plan to shake a few things up with the training in order to toughen me up(race toughness wise more then anything)!!

Can’t end without saying that I’m so thankful for being able to enjoy doing something that is fun. It is the thing I learn the most from good races and from worst then I had hoped for races that God has truely blessed me with so much :)