Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog Roll - Shannon (Boulder Running Company)

It's been kinda quiet lately on the running front, but it's also been a bit more quiet than usual on the BRC blogging front lately too though so I'll try do my part to help keep things lively.

Training-wise things have been semi-somewhat-so-so for about the last three weeks since US cross. I had a pretty good workout with former-UCCS'er Aldofo Carillo last week. We did 12 mins. hard followed by 6 mins. easy, 8 hard and 4 easy, 4 hard and 2 easy, 2 hard and 1 easy, then a couple of 45 seconds fast and 75 seconds easy. For an old dude Aldofo still has his wheels for sure. He claimed to be going off of my pace, however he was about five steps ahead the whole time and I was chasing him soooo.....not sure how that works. Kinda nice to have a "pacer" of sorts though. I felt like that was probably the best workout I've had lately. As an aside, later on when I took off my watch, I had the Running Watch Tan Line. That's right! AND I'm down to running in about 4 layers instead of 8. Spring has sprung! Well hopefully. Then the last few days I had a kind of jacked-up hamstring which effectively reduced most runs for the last several days to a slightly sub-9:30 minute mile pace granny shuffle. Basically a step above power-walking. Awesome. So a couple runs as well as the long run in the subsequent days were a wee bit sub-par. However, Larry came to rescue (again) with his magical healing touch and vanquished that problem. If I ever win some really cool race or something and get on TV, I'm going to look into the camera after crossing the line, throw gatorade in my face, give two-thumbs up, and say "Thanks Larry!" That'll look awesome.

Okay, getting back on track. The Jacksonville 15k is on March 13th and I'm running it with Tera, Adrian, and Nicole. I'm kinda nervous given that I have never raced over a 10k, and the last time I did that was almost two years ago. But sometimes the best stuff happens when you're not necessarily trying to make it happen, so we'll see.

Oh, and lastly I have to give a shout-out to the UCCS men's 4x400 team for winning the RMAC Indoor Champs--way to do work guys :)

That's all I got.