Wednesday, March 3, 2010

mzungo favorite: Marathon Talk

If you´re a running nerd than there is absolutely NO way around Martin Yelling´s and Tom Williams' superb piece of audio.

The boys jam every Wednesday via

This fine piece of audio is highly recommended by all at

Keep it coming boys - Brilliant entertainment!


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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom gets a bit carried away... before being felled by a tree!

- Martin's still tight

02:58 - News

- Tokyo Marathon results (link)

- Lel takes down Wanjiru in Tokyo (link)

- Marathon diversions (link)

- Tom splashes the cash

10:22 - Tony's Trials

- Cramping in style!

17:57 - Training Talk

- Hard training sessions - how often?

28:35 - Rant and Rave

- Martin raves about race directors

- Tom rants about food labelling

33:10 - Hayley Yelling (link)

- The two time (and current) European cross country champion talks us through the ups and downs of her great running career, answers listeners questions and runs an

1:08:45 - Questions

- The runners trots!

- Should I add individual 'big weeks' or a little bit every week?

1:15:22 - Winner of the Week

- Jeff Whittingham

1:17:35 - Close

- Martin's off to Lanza but the show must go on!

- Will Tom do the Ballbuster?