Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trials: what the runners say

Jason Lehmkuhle: “Whoever gets the Trials, from an athlete’s perspective, changes the way you’re going to prepare for each one of the potential fights. So Houston being a flatter course, it changes the way you’re going to train a little bit."

Antonio Vega: “January’s perfect, considering the Olympics are in August."

Adam Goucher: “I haven’t run one (marathon) yet. For me, I’m kind of indifferent. Whoever it (the host city) is, it is. By the time it rolls around, I’ll obviously have a couple (of marathons) under my belt. Talking with Kara early last week, we were talking about how it kind of stinks that the men’s Trials and the women’s Trials were separate (last time). So that’s a good thing now that they’ll be together. From what I’ve heard, the biggest issue is the financial side of it for the athletes. When you’re marathoning, you’re not really doing very much else. When you run these marathons is when you make your money. So if you missed out on Chicago or New York and then you can’t run Boston because you’re not recovered enough (from Trials in January."

Mike Morgan: "I have always imagined getting to that last lap around Central Park and skullin’ it just like Brian and making the team."

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