Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Frankfurt Marathon Newsletter 1/2010


Dear runners,

the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon is breaking new ground and launches interactive in the new running season. On 1 March 2010 is on the social Web platform, Facebook's official fan site went Frankfurt Marathon online.

We invite you to become a fan of our Facebookseite.
There, we will inform you regularly about news in their own right and to know from the marathon scene. Of experts and professionals you will receive barrel tips. We came up with surprises for you, we will in the coming weeks and months will present on facebook.

Lucrative gambling
Exclusively on Facebook, we inform you about attractive prizes. We do not want to give too much away, but a free release at the next Commerbank Frankfurt Marathon's in it, in any Fal - and much more. Show times already this week on our fan page over, because it is waiting for you the first draw. Become a fan and was always up to date.

Praise us and give us sour: We are looking forward to your thoughts
You think the Dresdner Kleinwort Frankfurt Marathon is one of the best running events that you know? Of course, we look forward to plenty of praise.
Did you like last time, not everything and you want to criticize us? Also we want to hear.
When you are fan, you support the movement in Frankfurt marathon and help us to make the marathon every year even better.

The marathon on Facebook - This is Your Page
Become part of the marathon and create the movement on Facebook fan page with active:

- Present pictures and videos of your most successful competitions

- Discuss with friends and running partners,

- Ask the Facebook community for running, racing and nutrition tips

- Invite friends,

- Add questions to the organizers.